Women Empowerment

BMSSS has promoted, in total, 659 women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) with a total of 8881 membership and a total saving of Rs.33646435/-. Overall, Rs. 6790745 /- has been mobilized; Rs.8145745/- to SHGs and repaid Rs.3410464/- to banks. Besides, BMSSS has promoted formation of cluster federations; thus there are 58 federations with 857 SHG membership having an overall savings of Rs.918359/-. In addition, we have formed subcommittees at SHGs and the federation’s level. Thus, 511 SHGs and 21 federations have already constituted subcommittees.


Programmes For Women Empowerment.

Empowerment of Women with rights based approach
With the financial support, Manos Unidas and Caritas India for enabling us to organize and animate the marginalized women in Kanakapura taluk particularly in Theresapura, Nayakaradoddi, Hegganoor, and Kadushivanahalli villages of Bangalore Archdiocese.

Over the past 40 years, BMSSS has been promoting formation of Women Self Help Groups in more than 471 villages covering 12 talukas in 6 civil districts of Karnataka State towards their social, economic, cultural and political empowerment. BMSSS has adopted ‘Right Based Approaches’ in implementing all its developmental activities in the target villages.Presently, BMSSS has formed totally 89 SHGs consisting of 1503 membership with total saving of Rs.4989800/- and inter loans availed Rs.4750500/to these sanghas.

To promote integrated development of the marginalized women through animation, capacity enhancement and awareness programmes, including enable the marginalized women to achieve economic self-sufficiency and increased awareness levels on social, political, economical, cultural and legal issues in all its programme outlines. Secondly to involve all these SHGs and CBOs to engage in community development programmes for the sustainability of the programme.

While facilitating the formation and strengthening of Sanghas, capacity building for income generation activities through training in various skills and trades identified as suitable and with potential for sustainability in the project area was also initiated. Sangha women are also provided suitable capital loan facilities to start some viable Income Generation programmes through Micro Enterprise programmes.