Training On Water Contamination, Waste & Garbages

Date : 12/09/2020
Place : Kannamangala
Resources Person: Dhanush
Educational Qualification:

Meeting started at 11.30 p.m
Total no. of S.H.G members participated : 20
Meeting started by prayer from S.H.G members
The topics which were discussed:-

Sanitary (Toilets) :
S.H.G members were given awareness on the causes of open defection and the usage of sanitary toilet. Thus to maintain the surrounding clean.
Water Resources : Explained about important of water and to save rain water called as "water harvesting".
Disposal waste : Explained about the important of disposal of waste by dividing separately the waste.
Corona & health tips : Given awareness on COVID-19 and gave some health tips and measures control and avoid COVID-19 diseases. Explained about uses of “Kitchen gardening” and encouraged them to make shortly the kitchen gardening in their home.
The participants gained knowledge on the topic and contributed their active presence.
Feed Back:
It was awakening and very relevant for the common good of the village.
Programme coordinator

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