Training on Entrepreneurship and Development for SHG Members

On 22nd to 24th of October three day’s workshop was organized by BMSSS on the topic “WOMEN IN MICRO ENTERPRISES” (SAMRUDI Rural upliftment Foundation- KROSS). This programme was conducted for the coordinators, animators and SHGs leaders of the organization. Around 40 members participated from Kanakapura, Bangarpet, Mulbagal and City Parish. The resource person for this programme was Sr. Lusia who is the project coordinator in the field of women and micro finance KROSS. The main objective is to reduce poverty and increase their family income. The training programme was very much useful for SHGs members who gained knowledge in setting up IGP activities and improve their life skills. At the same time it was focused to strengthen SHGs in IGP activities including grading and auditing.

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