Training on Village Mapping

Kolping India group of KGF conducted the training for VDC/ VLKF Members, on Village Mapping on 12th September 2020. In the village of Champian Reefe Railway Station (Gilbert) KGF Church. Mrs. Nirmala was the resource person. 20 participants gained the knowledge.

• Social Mapping
• Resource Mapping

Explained the needs and importance of village mapping Chart Drawing about the source and the outline of the village. Presenting the chart drawing on the floor for the detailed analysis. Preparing the documents based on the resource and problem.

VDC and VLKF members had knowledge of their local resource and the problems. Enthusiasm to know their local situations by this mapping and discussion.

Members who participated in the village mapping program had the satisfaction of mutual sharing. Identified the local issues and they believe they can overcome the issues.

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