Mrs. Mary, Bangalore

Mrs. Mary is a mother of six children. Her husband was a daily wage laborer. He was not able to work regularly because he was very sick. He died in the year 1998 due to prolonged illness. After his death Mrs. Mary started to work as a domestic servant. She was getting very meager income. She was struggling lot to maintain her family. To pay the school fees, rent, electricity bill etc. she borrowed money from money lenders at rate of interest 10%. She was totally helpless. At this time our animator and sangha members recognized her and gave her moral support and orientation to join sangha and started savings.

In 2003 she joined SAFP as a Regular Beneficiary. She started flower sales with financial help of the SAFP and sangha loan. First she was running her business on the road side and in the morning she sells flowers from door to door. After availing for the second time help form the SAFP she shifted her business to market place with the help of local leader. Her business started to improve gradually. She and her Elder daughter and son worked very hard to improve the business.

She purchased tailoring machine from the SAFP amount to her second daughter. Now her daughter is stitching cloth at home and earning. Day by day her business is improved. Mrs. Mary arranged marriage to her two daughters and son. Her son’s family is now living happily with two kids. Other two sons are studying well. She repaid full loan amount to money lenders and settled.

Now Mrs. Mary and her family members are happy and peaceful. Earlier she was having nothing. Now she has her own business and support of her children, sangha members. Now she is living very peaceful life because her children are grown up and settled and also she gained earning capacity through sangha. She is very regular to sangha meetings and trainings.She feels very confident.