Mrs. Ponnamma Ullasappa, Mariannapalya, Bangalore

Mrs.Ponnamma Ullasappa belongs to St.James Sangha (Women Group), Mariannapalya, Bangalore and enrolled in the SAFP RB programme on 01.09.2004.

Mrs.Ponnamma and her husband Mr.Ullasappa is a daily wage labourer. Mrs.Ponnamma is a mother of 10 children. From their daily wages Ponnamma was not able to maintain her family. Their work was not regular. It is very difficult get work daily in her village. She was struggling lot to maintain her family. She stopped her children to attending the school. At this time our local animator approached her with the help of the village parish priest and gave her orientation to join sangha. She Joined sangha and started savings.

She purchased two sheep with the financial help of the SAFP and started sheep rearing and also she re-admitted her children to school with the help of the SAFP Financial assistance. She has a very good experience in sheep rearing. Within a year number of sheep increased to 4. Again she purchased two more sheeps from the SAFP from second financial assistance. She purchased two more sheeps from the Sangha Loan. Now totally she has 10 Sheep. She has got very good business. Per year she will sell three to four sheep for Rs.2500/- or 3000/- each.

She is giving good education to her children. Her Elder daughter married and settled. IInd daughter finished her teaching course and now she is teaching in school, IIIrd daughter studying in IInd PUC, elder son is working as daily wage labourer in the same village and also helping her mother in sheep rearing, and fifth son is studying in Ist PUC and other children are also studying well.

With the help of the SAFP financial assistance and government loan she built a small house consisting one room, hall and kitchen. Mrs.Ponnamma and her family members are happy and peaceful. She is regular to all the sangha meetings. She is an active member in the Sangha. She feels very confident. She also started saving money. This small family is very happy with the SAFP RB programme and working hard for better future.