Munirathnamma Chinuvandanahalli,Bangalore

I, Munirathnamma am staying in a small village named Chinuvandanahalli in Godlumuddenahalli panchayat in Devanahalli Taluk. Bangalore Rural Dist. My parents married me to my mother’s younger brother, and we have 3 sons. The children are always falling sick. We don’t have any property and my husband due to ill health is also not able to put in hard work, so to fulfill our daily basic needs I started to go for coolie work here and there, but it too being not regular I suffered a lot to maintain my family. Then I joined one of the SHG which was formed by BMSSS.

I took some training from them and I started to save some amount regularly in the sangha. I learned to read and write from other members and I was chosen as leader of the SHG. After that I took responsibility to go Bank for credits and debits, and other Govt. and local institutions. Now our SHG is a member of “Ditta Nari Maha sangha”.

Taking small loan from SHG I started to sell eatables from my home. After 2 years I took EAP/EDP training and applied for WME(Micro Finance ) loan. I got Rs. 15,000/- and I started a small petty shop at my home now every day I am getting Rs. 150-200 profit per day. My husband is helping me in the business and my children are now getting nutritious food, their health has improved and they are going to school regularly. Now I have confidence to look after my family and I am living happily with my family.