Sessions for Parents on parenting skills

The Samalochane project team had organized session for the parents at Begur school on 17th January 2021. The topic selected for the session was Parenting skills & Depression. Mrs. Charlet was the resource person for the session. In the beginning the counsellor invited participants to make hand-craft by using waste paper. (For example, plane, boats.) Each parent exhibited their work of craft making to the counsellor. But the counsellor was not satisfied with their work. She crumbled the hand craft made by the parents and threw it to dust bin. The parents were disappointed by her attitude. Later the counsellor explained that it was an example given by her because many parents discourage their children through this attitude and never encourage them. The best way is to listen to them regularly.

Some of the important points that group benefited from the session are:

⋆ Parenting skills.
⋆ children know that their parents love them even without expressing.
⋆ Parents should make very clear Do’s and Don’ts of the family.
⋆ Educating children on good and unsafe touch.
⋆ It is normal adolescents get attracted towards each other.
⋆ Good mental health and wellbeing improve the quality of life.
⋆ Depression affects people in many ways and can have various symptoms.
⋆ A student is feeling depressed because of constant bullying, low grades, and peer pressure. Parents and teachers need to address these aspects.
⋆ Have dialogue each day with your children.
⋆ We need to respond properly with respect to the queries of our children.
The output of the sessions:

⋆ A total of 60 parents benefited from this session.
⋆ Parents learnt the needed skills like spending time with children and proper care.
⋆ Majority of the parents benefited from the activities.

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