Sports event to evening tuition children at Gokunte and Narenhalli

Sports event was conducted to evening tuition children at Gokunte and Narenhalli village on 8th December, 2016. There were 100 children took part in this event. The event was conducted in collaboration with ASHA. BMSSS staff, ASHA Staff, tuition teachers and parish priest organized the event systematically and rendered their generous support.

The following events were conducted for the children
1. Indoor and out door games
2. Distribution of Prizes
3. Awareness to children on Health issues
4. Interaction with children on their progress

The event was concluded in the evening by giving small gift to all children. BMSSS staff thanked everyone for making this event a fruitful one.They also encouraged the children to study well and made the teachers have follow up sessions on the progress of the every child.

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