Overview of BMSSS History

BMSSS started its journey as a Non-governmental organization in Karnataka by taking up charitable activities among a selected number of poor and marginalized people in Bangalore Urban,Bangalore Rural and Kolar districts of Karnataka.

Food distribution programme supported by Catholic Relief Services(CRS),USA was one of the major charitable activities of BMSSS in the first two decades of its existence.

Later on the approach of BMSSS shifted from charity to integrated developement with a priority for women empowerment.

From the year 2005 onwards,BMSSS began to focus on networking with other NGOs in implementing various developmental programmes with emphasis on rights based approach in all programmes and activities.

With the implementation of Sujala watershed project financed by World Bank,BMSSS got the opportunity to collaborate with the governmment of Karnataka in natural resources management in Kolar and Tumkur districts of Karnataka.

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