Orientation Program

Bangalore multipurpose social service society had organized 3 days Orientation program on SAMALOCHANE project for Project staff from 2/07/2019 to 4/07/2019. The program was conducted by INSA organization and the resource person was Mrs. Charlet and Mrs. Agatha.

The program started with a prayer song. Mrs. Kanchana welcome the gathering. Fr. Joseph Naveen Kumar, Director explained the objective of the project. The resource person spoke about the training Module and later set ground rules which has to be followed by the trainee for the following 3 days.

The resource person also asked the trainees to follow ILEAD module which means introspection, leadership, entertainment, action possible and documentation. Wherein all the trainees where divided into three groups and each group was given different tasks. Through ILEAD module the sessions was clearer and it went systematically. The following aspects were covered during the 3 days training program.

• Defining mental health and understanding the components of mental health.
• Identifying mental health problem and depression
• Activities on problem solving mechanism
• Tips in communicating the sensitive issues
• Framing open ended and close ended questions,
• Basic skills of a counselor
• The Project staff benefited a lot from the program and set a mark to implement the program in schools and colleges.

Fr Joseph Naveen Kumar
Director - BMSSS

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