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International Women's day celebration
BMSSS celebrated international women's day 2021 with the theme choose to challenge at different places in the working area of BMSSS (Bangalore, KGF and Devanahalli). More than 700 women participated in the event. The program was organized with the support of a women's group who took initiative to celebrate their day joyfully. More

Counselling Sessions for Students
amalochane Team conducted sessions for 8th, 9th and 10th students from 10th to 17th February, 2021 at St. James School Marianna Palya. Mrs Charlet was the resource person who covered some of the important topics like; Self-Awareness, Adolescent 5-Dimensional changes, Emotional management,. More

Session for Parents on Parenting Skills
Bangalore Multi-purpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) had organized a session for parents on Parenting skills at Paalana Bhavana, Archbishop’s house, on 23rd January 2021.The modern-day society is preoccupied by daily work and no time for children. It has led many children deprived of care and concern of their parents. More

Sessions for Parents on parenting skills
The Samalochane project team had organized session for the parents at Begur school on 17th January 2021. The topic selected for the session was Parenting skills & Depression.Mrs. Charlet was the resource person for the session. In the beginning the counsellor invited participants to make hand-craft by using waste paper. More

Meredith India - CSR Initiative ( Life Sustenance activity for farmers )
BMSSS in collaboration with Meredith India services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore had organized training program on Mich animals for farmers . This life sustenance activity is funded by Meredith India company as CSR program. The company was very much interested to support the cause of farmers. More

International day of Persons with Disabilities
The CBR project team organized the international day of persons with disabilities, on 15th of December 2020 in the village of kappalamadagu, Mulbagal.The program began with the prayer led by CBR project Staff member Mrs. Nagamani. Fr. Naveen the Director of BMSSS inaugurated the program. Mr. Venkatrama Reddy, the staff of CBR project welcomed More

Sessions for Students and Teachers on Counselling
The Samalochane project team organized the online sessions to the students of St. Aloysius School Cox town and teachers of ABE schools. The topic of the session to the student included; Power of positive thinking, Emotional Management, Emotional Maturity and Depression, Motivation for a bright future, Stress management and Building up friendships. More

Cancer Campaign Program at BMSSS
Cancer Campaign program was organized on 10th December 2020 in BMSSS conference hall. SHG members from Bangalore, KGF and Devanahalli who volunteered for the cancer campaign activities were present for the program. The program began with prayer song by the BMSSS staff. Mr. Francis Inban the coordinator of Kolping project welcomed. More

Annual General Body Meeting - 2019-2020
The Annual General Body meeting of BMSSS was held on 07th November 2020, in the Archbishop's house. It began at 10.45 am with the prayer conducted by Anitha and Selvita. Fr. Xavier, one of the coordinators of BMSSS welcomed the governing body members, the special invitees and all the members present for the meeting. More

Awareness Training on Ecological Issues
Kolping India group of Bangalore urban/rural conducted programmes under Awareness training on Ecological Issues to SHG Members on 19th September 2020. In the village of Bidalapura, Mr. Satish B.Sc. was the resource person. 20 participants gained the knowledge. The awareness training covered five points : Contaminated Water, Non-conventional farming More

Awareness on Medicinal Plants
Awareness on medicinal plants was conducted in the village of Mulbangal. On 16th September 2020. The programme was organized for the SHG members and other people of the village, like wise total 30 members were present. Mrs. Pushpa the co-coordinator of WEP and Mrs. Nalini the animator were the resource persons. More

Awareness on Cancer Disease
Awareness on Cancer disease was conducted in the village of Mariguppam, in St. Paul Church campus. On14thSeptember2020.The programme was organized for the Cancer Patients. There were 25 members present for the training. Mrs. Vinita was the resource person. The participants gained knowledge on how to prevent cancer, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is staying More

Awareness Training on Village Mapping
Kolping India group of Bangalore urban conducted programmes under Awareness training on village mapping for VDC/VLKF on 19th September 2020. In the village of Bidlapura, Devanahalli. Mr. Satish was the resource person. 30 people participated in the programme. The content of the programme: Social mapping, Resource mapping, Analysed and found More

Training Programme
CBR project Coordinator and staff total 15 members attended the training programme module 3rd training programme in Gollahalli. The subjects discussed in the training are, lifting barriers, disability ties, Disability act -2016, CBR Matrix, WHO, dopes and communication. Planning Monitoring Assignments and planning. More

Health Awareness Programme
The Women empowerment group conducted the health awareness programme in the village of Mulbangle. On 16th September 2020. The programme was organized for the SHG members, Anganavadi workers, Asha workers and other people of the village, like wise total 36 members were present. Mrs. Jayamma gave awareness on communicable and non- communicable diseases. More

Report Of Mass Sensitisation
BMSSS Kolping India group of Bangalore urban/rural conducted programmes on mass sensitisation in the village of bettadalsoor, 25th September 2020.began the programme with rally and awareness sessions. Fr. Naveen Joseph the Director of BMSSS directed the entire programme. Mrs. Yashoda the Animator welcomed all the members present. More

Training on Ecological Issues
Kolping India group of Bangalore urban conducted programme under Awareness training on Ecological Issues to village Development committees on 13th September 2020. In the village of Begur, Ignatius Church. Mr. Araluppa was the resource person. 20 participants gained the knowledge. The awareness training covered four points; they are Contaminated Water, Non-conventional farming, More

Report Of Village Mapping
Kolping India group of Bangalore urban conducted programmes under Awareness training on village Mapping for VDC/VLKF on 13th September 2020. In the village of Begur, Ignatius Church. Mr. Kiran the congress president of Begur block was the resource person. 30 people participated in the programme. More

Training on Village Mapping
Kolping India group of KGF conducted the training for VDC/ VLKF Members, on Village Mapping on 12th September 2020. In the village of Champian Reefe Railway Station (Gilbert) KGF Church. Mrs. Nirmala was the resource person. 20 participants gained the knowledge.
Content: Social Mapping Resource Mapping More

Training On Water Contamination, Waste & Garbages
Sanitary (Toilets) : S.H.G members were given awareness on the causes of open defection and the usage of sanitary toilet. Thus to maintain the surrounding clean.
Water Resources : Explained about important of water and to save rain water called as "water harvesting". More

BMSSS Initiative during lock down
Today, no one really knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end in India and its consequent lock down. After seasonal cultivation, millions of families from different states in India are forced to migrate to neighboring cities and towns of other states for temporary labor due to unsustainable agriculture. More

International Women's Day 2020 - Bettada Ulsoor
On 10th March, International Women's Day 2020 was celebrated at Bettada Halasuru village of Kanakapura taluk. Rev. Fr. Christopher White presided over the function While Fr. Anthony Swamy, Asst. Director of BMSSS, wished 'Happy Women's Day' to all participants. More

International Women's Day 2020
'International Women's Day 2020' was celebrated at Kannamangala village of Devanahalli taluk on Sunday 8th March. Smt. Lilavati Narasimhamurthy, President of Kannamangala Grama Panchayat, presided over the celebrations and spoke about the role of women and their growing status in the society. More

Blessing of the renovated houses in KGF - Implemented by BMSSS
Blessing of the renovated houses at KGF was done by Most Rev. Peter Machado, the Archbishop of Bengaluru on 25th February, 2020 at 11.00 a.m at Our Lady of Victories church, KGF. Deanery Fathers, Sisters and Housing beneficiaries were present for the program. The program began with the prayer More

Launching of SPARSH – Cancer Campaign Program in the Archdiocese of Bangalore
Cancer Campaign Program was inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore on 23th December, 2019 at Pastoral Center, Archbishop House. Fr. Joseph Naveen Kumar, Director of BMSSS explained the objective of the Program and encouraged the members to support as volunteers. More

Cancer Awareness (Sparsha) and Kolping day celebration
Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) in collaboration with Caritas India organized ‘Sparsha – Campaign against cancer’ awareness program and Kolping day Celebration... for self-help group members on 28th November 2019 in Paalana Bhavan. The program was started at 10:30 am with Holy Mass. Fr. Joseph Naveen Kumar, BMSSS director More

Suraksha Program in October, 2019
Capacity building training: 2 capacity building training were held for SURAKSHA volunteers at 2nd Block, Anderson pet on 11. 10. 2019 and at Kennedy’s Oorgaum on 14.10.2019. In both the training's, 20 members each participated Core Committee Meeting: 15 members participated in a Core Committee meeting held on 10.10.2019 at ‘B’ block.... More

CBR Program in October, 2019
Reflection workshop was held on 15th to 17th October, 2019. CBR staffs and 40 PwDs from 4 Panchayats participated and gained knowledge from Mr. Srinivasan of CBR Foundation regarding planning and budget making for the coming two years. PwDs got solutions to their numerous problems after discussing them with Mr. Srininvasan. PwDs also got confidence in CBR program... More

SAMALOACHANE team celebrated environment day on 04-10-2019 in bishop house campus in collaboration with Paalana Bhavana organised a tree planting event to celebrate the season of creation.As a part of the Samalochane project, BMSSS is conducting counselling course for ABE teachers on every second and fourth Fridays of the month by experts in... More

Environment Day Celebration
Pope Francis said in his 2019 message that the period from Sept. 1 to Oct. 4 - the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi - is being celebrated as a "Season of Creation." The month-long ecumenical initiative has the theme, "The web of life." it implores us to get outside to connect with the nature and appreciate the magnificence and splendor of the natural world around us.... More

Awareness Programme on World suicide prevention day
World Suicide Prevention Day is an international awareness day observed on 10 September each year to provide a focus for commitment and action to prevent suicide. This year Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society hosted World Suicide Prevention Day on Monday, 16th September by way of awareness generation for the High school, PU and Degree students... More

SAMALOCHANE- Counseling course for teaching staff of ABE was inaugurated on 06th September 2019 in Palana Bhavan, Archdiocese of Bangalore by Arch Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado. The inaugural ceremony commenced with prayer song followed by the lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries- Arch Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Fr. Prashanth,... More

Awareness on Health and Environment
Awareness on Health and Environment was conducted at Our Lady of Victories Parish, KGF on 31.08.2019. The program was organized for the SHG members formed under Manos Unidas Project. Safety health practices and protection of mother earth was the topic much highlighted during the program. The Resource Person Dr. Parandhaman,... More

Sessions To School Children In August 2019 - Samalochane Project
The Project Staff conducted sessions on time management and discipline, stress management by involving the students in activities in a interactive way. The module of the session include Demonstration, Lecture method, Activity, Power point presentation and Interactive session. The students took active part in the session... More

Plan Meet With Nimhans
On 26th July, 2019 project team along with the director of BMSSS visited NIMHANS to have a plan on school mental health and also to gain suggestions from psychiatrists and people who are specialized in child psychology. Mr. Aravind, the assistant professor in psychiatry, PhD Scholars from NIMHANS and BMSSS Team had a very meaning meeting ... More

Improving mental health and reducing depression of Young people in Schools and Colleges of Bangalore City - Samalochane
The Project Staff started their work of taking sessions to children on Discipline, Time Management and the behavior they should adapt on good touch and bad touch. The module of the session include activities, role play, video presentation and lecture. The students took active part in the session and found it very motivating and meaningful. ... More

Training On Government Schemes (Manos Unidas Project)
Training on Government Schemes was held on 20.07.2019 at Our Lady of Victories church campus, Championreefs, KGF. The SHG members formed under Manos Unidas project participated in the program. Fr. Joseph Naveen Kumar, Director, BMSSS welcomed the Resource persons and the participants and addressed the objectives and the progress achieved through Manos Unidas Project... More

Orientation Program
Bengaluru, July 4th, 2019 : Reaffirming the need to hear the voice of the poor and feel their pain, Archbishop Rev. Peter Machado said that Bangalore multipurpose social service society had organized 3 days Orientation program on SAMALOCHANE project for Project staff from 2/07/2019 to 4/07/2019. The program was conducted by INSA organization and the resource person was Mrs. Charlet and Mrs. Agatha.... More

God's blessings
Bengaluru, Dec 19 : Reaffirming the need to hear the voice of the poor and feel their pain, Archbishop Rev. Peter Machado said that “our love for the poor and less privileged and marginalized, and voiceless will bring us to receive the God’s blessings”. Addressing a gathering of over 200 priests at the annual priests Christmas Fellowship,... More

International Human Rights Day Celebration
‘Human Rights Day’ was celebrated at Somayajanahalli village of Srinivasapura Taluk, in Kolar District on 10th December, 2018. At 11 .30 A.M. SHG members and children of Somayajanahalli Govt. School took a procession from the school ground to the grounds of Govt. hospital. The students held placards and shouted slogans throughout the procession... More

World HIV/AIDS Day celebration
World HIV/AIDS Day celebration was organized by BMSSS in collaboration with Vimala Hradaya School Bethamangala on 01-12-2018. Nearly 750 children and 100 Parents participated in this event. The Program stated with rally from Vimala Hradaya School and went towards Bethamangala Town. In between the way the Rally covered two villages namely... More

Entrepreneurship training
EDP Training was conducted to SHG members in the month of January 2018 In KGF. Participants gained knowledge on the need of living life of independence and were motivated to start different business. The resource person introduced the way to start new business and also highlighted some of the emerging trades of the place... More

Tuition Centers visit and interaction with children by ASHA and BMSSS Staff
The visit was done in the month of January 2018 to different centers where the project is happening. This was done in order to understand and check the progress of children and the performance of the teacher. Children took active part in the interactive session and expressed that they are improving in their studies... More

Kolping Programs
Village Action Plan & Kolping SHG Annual day celebration was conducted in the month of January. Participants gained knowledge in finding out various resources found in the village at the same time the need of the village. The VAP gave a overall look for the SHG members to know what resources are available in the village which can be used... More

Women Empowerment Programs
Various Training was conducted to SHG women in the month January in Srinivaspura & Mulbagal Taluk. The name of the Training's are RTI,Government Schemes,Gender Training, Rights, Leadership Training & polio drops program etc. Good participation was seen and the training was very effective and motivating... More

Inauguration of Taluk level Federation
Taluk level federation was inaugurated at srinivaspura Taluk on December 8th, 2017. 20 members from 5 Cluster level federation were present for the meeting. These members were selected by each Mahasangha to represent different issues at a higher level. Orientation was given in the beginning by Pushpalatha, Coordinator of WEP, BMSSS... More

Manos Unidas team Visit to KGF on 21st November, 2017
Manos Unidas team from Spain had visited KGF on 21st November, 2017. A Project, on promoting entrepreneurship among economically disadvantaged women in KGF is supported by Manos Unidas organization. The two staff members, Ms Alexandra and Ms. Anna Luna had official meeting with the project staff and discussed on project activity... More

HIV/AIDS day Celebration
HIV/AIDS day celebration was held at Bangarpet on 01st December, 2017. It was an initiative taken by BMSSS in collaboration with Kindermissionswerk, Germany where the present project of spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS is happening. Children from Kolar, KGF, Malur and Bangarpet had participated in the program... More

Life Skill Training on 18th November 2017
BMSSS had organized life skill training for Kolping member of KGF, Tumkur and Bangalore region. Session on 18th November 2017. Fr.Joseph Naveen Kumar. Director of BMSSS inaugurated the training with the prayer, and gave brief introduction about life skills importance.Resource person Ms.Sajini (Erazer counselling and motivating centre)... More

HIV/AIDS-Drawing Competition - Kolar Town
BMSSS had organized Drawing competition for college student on 20th November 2017 in kolar district; the main theme given for drawing competition was ‘Prevention of HIV/AIDS. 42 students participated from 9 colleges participated in the competition. The whole activity made the students to draw creative pictures... More

HIV/AIDS-Essay Competition-Bangarpet Town
BMSSS had organized essay competition for high school students on 15th November 2017 in Bangarpet taluk, Kolar district; the main theme given for essay competition was ‘Prevention of HIV/AIDS.127 children from 42 schools took part in the competition, and shared their thought and ideas about these deadly diseases... More

Kolping Day Celebration
Kolping Day Celebration, 2017 was held at Paalana Bhavana on 29th October, 2017. The Program began with the Eucharistic Celebration offered by Rev. Fr. Martin Kumar, Financial Administrator, Archdiocese of Bangalore. Deacon Rayappa Preached the homily. After the Mass Short cultural program was organized by the Kolping members... More

Leadership Trainning
Leadership Training was organized for the SHG members of Manos Unidas Project on 24th October, 2017. The Training was very useful and members participated very actively throughout the program. Mr. Inban was the resource person. The Training program was started with a group activity. The members were divided into smaller groups... More

Entrepreneurship exposure visit to SHG members of KGF
BMSSS had organized Entrepreneurship exposure to SHG members from KGF on 03 October, 2017. They were taken to ODP and to the places where entrepreneurship activities are carried on by the SHG members formed by ODP. One of the coordinator of ODP gave brief orientation in the beginning and explained in detail about the activities... More

HIV/Aids awareness to schools, colleges, SHG members and Parents
Awareness program was conducted in schools and colleges to targeted children in the month of July, August and September 2017. More than 8000 children took part in the awareness session. It was a new way of learning for them. The main topics dealt during the session are, what is HIV/AIDS, ways of spreading, causes, symptoms,... More

Health Camp for children at bettada Halasoor, Kanakapura Taluk.
Health camp was conducted for children at Bettada Halsoor on 12th September, 2017. Mrs. Nandini, Physician and 4 nurses from Government Hospital, Kodihalli conducted the Health Check up. In the beginning there was awareness session. Mrs. Nandini gave awareness for children before she began the health check up... More

EDP Training to Kolping SHG members
Entrepreneurship development training was organized for 25 members of kolping self help group members on September 9th, 2017. Mr. Inban was the resource person. The mode of the presentation was,Identifying the business,Methods of doing business,Internal loans Market system,Earning profit and usage... More

Awareness Training on Human Rights
BMSSS had organized one day awareness program on Human Rights for the S H G members of MANOS UNIDAS project on 19.08.2017 at Skating Hall, Oorgaum, KGF. Rev.Fr.Joseph Naveen Kumar,Director, BMSSS gave the introductory speech and explained the objective of this Programme. That is to know our rights & use those rights for the growth of our self.... More

Programme on Health and Sanitation
BMSSS had organized training cum awareness programme on Health and Sanitation On 24th of June, 2017 for the SHG members from KGF. The programme was started at 11 o’clock with a prayer song and Mrs. Rosy, animator and staff of BMSSS gave the welcome speech. Lighting of the lamp was done by the chief guests... More

Kolping EDP Training at BMSSS and Sanitation Awareness Program at Bettada Halsoor
Kolping had organized EDP trainning prgram for the SHG members of Bangalore and KGF on 09-06-2017. Mr. Sebastian D'souza was the main resource person. There were 40 participants. The program began with the prayer song and the Director of BMSSS gave the welcome speech. The director elaborated the importance of EDP training... More

Childrens Camp-KGF
BMSSS conducted one day Children’s camp at our lady of Victories church campus, champion reefs, KGF on 04.06.2017. There were 97 children’s participated. BMSSS have formed 5 children groups under the Kolping India Twinning Project to orient them for a better future. Name of the children’s group 1. Robbi Kolping children group... More

World Environment day Celebration at Somayajanahalli
Environment day celebration was held at Samayajanahalli, Sreenivaspura Taluk on 05th June, 2017. The celebration was organized by BMSSS and nearly 100 women from different SHG group participated. Former Gram Panchyat president Manjunath Reddy inaugurated the program and was the chief guest... More

Training on Chocolate making, Ornaments making, bouquet, Stitching.
One month Training was conducted to 15 Self Help group representatives on starting a small scale business. The training was held at BMSSS Hall from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM. Ms. Sandra Jennifer working in the IT sector was the trainer. The trainer was specialized in different products such as Chocolate making, Bakery items, Ornaments making,... More

Kolping National Director Visit to Kolping Twinning Project,BMSSS.
Field visit at KGF on 11.5.217 & BMSSS office visit on 12.5.2017 Rev. Fr. Antonyraj, National Director, Kolping India, Chennai, Mr.Michael Partner support officer visited KGF on 11.5.2017. Mrs. Antoniamma,coordinator Mrs. Vanitha & Mrs. Arockiamary,Monitoring team members from Bmsss participated in the programme... More

International Women’s Day Celebration.
International women’s day celebration was organized by BMSSS at Somajanahalli, Srinivaspura Taluk on 08th March, 2017. The celebration began with a rally where more than 500 women took part in it. Sr. Nakshathra, MSW student of St. Joseph’s college hoisted the flag for the rally. The animators of BMSSS took active part... More

Awareness on HIV/AIDS was given to schools and colleges in Bangarpet Taluk.
Good cooperation was given by the school and college authorities to conduct classes on the spread of HIV and students took active part in all the classes. Many doubts were clarified and questions related to AIDS was answered by the resource people from BMSSS. Students took oath during the class to stop the spread of HIV completely from the society... More

Awareness program and drawing competition on prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Awareness program on HIV/AIDS was conducted at different schools in Srinivaspura and Bangarpet Taluk. Students actively participated in the program and expressed their support to stop AIDS completely in the modern world. The resource person spoke about the spread of HIV/AIDS and its impact on family and society... More

Essay Competition to High School Students on HIV/AIDS
Essay Competition was conducted to High School students at 4 different schools in Kolar District. The main theme for essay competition was ' Lets raise our hands to Prevent HIV/AIDS'.
More than 400 children partook in this event and shared... More

Trainning on Book Keeping and Documentation for SHG Members
8 Self Help groups underwent training on 16 December, 2016 at KGF. The main aim of the training is to train all the SHG members on book keeping and to maintain documentation. There were more than 15 members from each group participated in the meeting. The resource person for the training was Sr. Nakshatra... More

Monitoring visit and Trainning to 7 Sanghas in KGF
Monitoring visit of a Newly formed 7 sanghas in KGF was done on 9th December, 2016. Sr. Nakshatra was the main resource person who gave tanning on leadership and Gender to all the Sangha members. 75% of the sangha members were present for the meeting. The remaining were absent due to various issues... More

Sports event to evening tuition children at Gokunte and Narenhalli
Sports event was conducted to evening tuition children at Gokunte and Narenhalli village on 8th December, 2016. There were 100 children took part in this event. The event was conducted in collaboration with ASHA. BMSSS staff, ASHA Staff, tuition teachers and parish priest organized the event systematically and rendered their generous support... More

B.M.S.S.S Staff meeting and Review meeting.
B.M.S.S.S Staff meeting was held on 6th December, 2016 at Main office. All the staff members were present for the meeting. The Designate Director, Fr. Joseph Naveen Kumar conducted the meeting and Moderated the discussion. The meeting was started at 10 am with a prayer song. Minutes of the previous meeting was read and suggestions were clarified... More

Director and Staff of BMSSS wish Archbishop on his 49th Ordination day
Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras Celebrated his 49th Anniversary of Sacerdotal Ordination day on 6th December, 2016. During this joyous vocation the staff members of BMSSS visited Archbishop and celebrated his ordination day by cutting cake and wishing with a song. Archbishop thanked everyone and encouraged the staff to work... More

Mass Awareness Campaign on Sanitation and World HIV/AIDS Day Celebration at Anderson Pet K.G.F.
World HIV/AIDS Day Celebration and Awareness Campaign on Sanitation was Celebrated at Anderson pet K.G.F on 1st December 2016. This Programme was Conducted In collaboration with kindermissionwerk, Germany and Kolping India There were 700 School Children and 300 Self Help Group Members were present for the Rally and Awareness Programme... More

Organised Sports Events for Tuition Childrens.
Sports events organised for the tuition children’s and conduct awareness on Health and Hygiene for the Parents. On 17.11.2016 at Kora, Ajjagondanahalli, Bellavi, P. Gollahalli, Narasapura and K.G Palya. ... More

Childrens Day Celebration
Children's day Program were Celebrated On 14.11.2016 at Preethi Nivas Bhairathi. Sports Organised for the Children's and Distributed the Prizes....

Review Programm on Awareness and Prevention of HIV/AIDS.
The HIV/AIDS Awareness programme was conducted on 18th Oct 2016. Debate was held between two teams on HIV/AIDS followed
by lot of questions which was very interactive. Total of 8 members participated in the session. Lot of Activities related
to HIV/AIDS were also conducted... More

Orientation on Government Schemes and Breast Cancer Testing for Women
Organised by BMSSS for the Manos Unidas Project SHG’s on 30.09.2016 at Our Lady of Victory Church Champion reefs KGF.
There were 100 members participated in programme in the presence of Fr.Joseph Naveen Kumar Designated Director of BMSSS
and Fr. Susai raj Parish Priest.... More

Training on the self help group (SHG) documentation held on 16-09-2016 AT BMSSS
The participants are the Leaders of 16 SHG’s from KGF under MANOS UNIDAS Project were participated. The first session was on the topic of importance of the SHG documentation. Then the participants learned the skill of writing the Books like,
• Resolution Book... More

Awareness programme on HIV/AIDS for High school and college children in KGF and Bangarpet
BMSSS organized awareness programme on HIV/AIDS for High school and college children in KGF and Bangarpet. The classes were conducted by the field staff of BMSSS in one college and one school. The student's participation was really good and school authorities assured their support in organizing similar programmes in the future... More

Mental Health Programme
BMSSS initiated Mental Health Programme at 6 schools. The main topics covered for the students were, Self Awareness, Stress Management & Suicide Prevention. 10th Standard Students who are going to appear in board Exams were the main Focus. Auxillium School (Old Madras Road) 16th August 2016 ... More

Training Program On AIDS & HIV Awarness
There was training program conducted by "INSA" Organisation on "AIDS & HIV Awarness" which was held on 21st to 23rd of August 2016. Training created lot of awareness among the participants & there was lot of fun events included. Along with the training. Which created learning plus fun filled environment.... More

Mental Health Seminar Program
A half day seminar was conducted in Infant Jesus High School for Boys On 6th August 2016 for 10th standard Boys & On 20th August 2016 for 10th standard Girls on self- awareness, stress Management & suicide prevention by BMSSS Organisation. The seminar included many videos & activities with PPT slide & few case studies on suicide.... More

Kolping Participatory Planning Process on Need Assessment conducted at BMSSS
Kolping Participatory Planning Process on Need Assessment conducted at BMSSS office premises on 13th and 14th June,2016. The Resource persons were Mr.Francis Inban (Kolping Coordinator - KGF) and Mrs.Anthioniammal ( Kolping Coordiantor - Bangalore) and the total particpatants were 36 from KGF,Tumkur and Bangalore region.... More

Fr.Joseph Naveen Kumar Director Designated Function at BMSSS
Fr.Joseph Naveen Kumar Director Designated Function at BMSSS office premises installed by Vicar General
Msgr.C.Francis on 10th June, 2016... More

Skill Net Karnataka (FVTRS)
On 26th April EDP Training held in Orekere Panchayat at Tumkur. Nearly 42 members participated in this Program. Resources person for this Training Was Rani Elizabeth. (Project Coordinator).
On 22nd March 2016 Life Skill Training held in Kora Panchayat at Tumkur... More

Monitory Welfare Scheme Awareness Programme (Education and Economic)
Christel High School in Kannur-Bangalore. Resource Person for this Awareness was Rani Elizabeth (JPDC Joint Secretary). On 18th Leadership Training held in Guddupalli Panchayat, Mulbagal. Nearly 42 members participated in this Launching. Resource person for this training was Sri.K Umamaheshwar Rao (Ex-Educational Guidance to KVS, Founder Director of Sahodaya... More

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development - BMZ Germany official visited at BMSSS.
Dr. Foerster, BMZ Germany official visited BMSSS with Fr.A. Antony Raj, National Director, Mr. Michael, PSO on 02.10.2014 and interacted with Arockia Annai Kolping Family and Infant Jesus Kolping Family. The group members installed a stall of IIGP and CIGP products and charts on their activities and achievements... More

Women's Day Programme
Women’s Day Programme was conducted at BMSSS office on 7th March, 2015. Archbishop Rev.Dr. Bernard Moras Inaugurated the programme and Speech by Mrs. Shashikala General Manager of Karnataka State Women Corporation and Mrs. Brinda Adiga Director – Global Concern India. After the inauguration and speech there was cultural programme by the SHG members... More

Programme for the Improvement of Mental Health of youth in schools and colleges
Programme for the Improvement of Mental Health of youth in schools and colleges at Bangalore, Karnantaka Kindermissionswerk Germany in Collaboration with Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) Seminars and Workshop Conducted in various schools and colleges and pamphlets clips (Helpline Number) In this period,... More

Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP) Kolar
Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS) in Collaboration with Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) STEP Newspaper clips, Cultivation of Vegetables training and field visit by programme officer of KROSS Mrs Joyce Pereira.... More

Training on Entrepreneurship and Development for SHG Members
On 22nd to 24th of October three day’s workshop was organized by BMSSS on the topic “WOMEN IN MICRO ENTERPRISES” (SAMRUDI Rural upliftment Foundation- KROSS). This programme was conducted for the coordinators, animators and SHGs leaders of the organization. Around 40 members participated from Kanakapura, Bangarpet, Mulbagal and City Parish... More

SC/ST Activities
The center for study of social action and Mysore University in collaboration with Indian council for Social Service had organized a National conference in regard to dalit issues of Christians and Muslims. This programme was held on 12th and 13th of November 2013 at Manasagangothri Mysore. The purpose for organizing this programme was to implement the policy and schemes for the dalits christians in India... More

Kolping Day Celebration
On 27th of October BMSSS celebrated the 200 year’s of birth anniversary of BL. Adolf Kolping at BMSSS Palana Bavana. This programme was celebrated in our Archdiocese as a special day for the SHGs members because he was beautified on 27.10.1991.
Around 500 members from 66 Kolping groups participated in the celebration... More

Government Welfare Scheme
On 14th November 2013 training on welfare scheme and minority scheme for women was conducted at BMSSS. The resource person was Mrs. Rani Elizabeth, around 20 members participated in the workshop. The main aim of this program is to focus on availability of various government welfare schemes for the minority... More

Principals' Meet To Tackle Suicide Among Youth
Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society ( BMSSS) in collaboration with St. Aloysius degree college organized core development cell to prevent suicide in Bangalore city. Concerned over the alarming rise in incident of suicide among youth, heads of educational institution in city met to get their act together in arresting the social malaise and find appropriate solution to the problem... More

Children’s Day Chinnara Mela
BMSSS in collaboration with St Aloysius Boys High school organized an Inter-school children’s day program on November 15th 2013. Rev Fr. Edward Thomas member Karnataka state child rights commission was the chief guest for the program. The guest of honour were Rev Fr. Arulappa manger and correspondent of St. Aloysius Institution and Rev Fr. Livin Director of KASOD were present for the Chinnar Mela... More

Job Oriented Skill Training For Youth
BMSSS in collaboration with FVTRS organizes job oriented skill training for marginalized unskilled dropout and unemployed youth from the parishes of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. 75 trainees have been trained on mobile servicing and 4-wheeler driving since 01/03/2013. Prior to starting their practical training, they were trained on Basic English and enterpreneurship development... More

World Suicide Prevention Day at St. Aloysius Degree College
World Health Organization has declared 10th September as the “World Suicide Prevention Day”. Concerned about the growing suicides in the city, St Aloysius Degree College in collaboration with Bangalore Multipurpose Social Science Society (BMSSS) and Kinder missions Werk-Germany organized an inter-collegiate seminar on the theme with Dr Ajit Bhide, the leading, Psychiatrist of Bangalore and Dr (Fr.) Divya Paul,... More

Civil Society for the Empowerment of the Marginalized- (C-SEM)
On 3rd November, 2013 the C-SEM workshop for various parish council members was organized by BMSSS and Caritas India in networking with KASOD. The program started at 10:30 am at Paalana Bhavana. The resource person Rev. Fr. Ambrose Pinto SJ the resource for the day, who briefed on understanding the concept of civil society. The second session was handled by Rev. Fr. Edward Thomas... More

Seminar on Suicidal Tendency
On 5th of August awareness on suicidal tendency was conducted at St. Joseph’s Block Paalana Bhavana. The resource person for this seminar was Rev. Fr. Divya Paul head of department psychology and faculty at Sampurna Montfort College. The Seminar started with prayer song lead by Mrs. Rose Mary and welcome speech Mrs.Vijaya Mary... More

Inter College Seminar
Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society organised Inter College Seminar (Role of Youth in HIV/ADIS Awareness and Prevention) on 17th August 2013 at Palana Bhawana, Bishop’s house, Nandidurga Road, Jaymahal Extension, Bangalore-43. From three colleges St.Aloysius college, Tarbes community college and St.Anne's college.. More

Parents Orientation
On 11th of August parents’ orientation programme was conducted at Srinivaspura in Kolar district. This programme was organized for the parents of the evening learning centers in Mulbagal region. The programme was further divided into three parts. The first session was based on the child rights and developmental skills among the parents in rural areas. This session was conducted by Mr. Shivakumar,... More

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