Monitoring visit and Trainning to 7 Sanghas in KGF

Monitoring visit of a Newly formed 7 sanghas in KGF was done on 9th December, 2016. Sr. Nakshatra was the main resource person who gave tanning on leadership and Gender to all the Sangha members. 75% of the sangha members were present for the meeting. The remaining were absent due to various issues.

The resource person Sr. Nakshathra interacted with the sangha members and checked their knowledge on gender issues. The main topics covered during the visit is as follows,
1. Gender discrimination
2. Equality and Equal wages
3. Laws related to abuses
4. Empowerment through Sangha formation
5. women Leadership and their duties.

Sangha members were active during the session and had lot of questions to ask. They also shared their family conflict and abuses which is taking place in their own areas. At last they also assured to stand for justice so that equal status can be brought to the society as a whole.

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