Livelihood of the Marginalized

Civil Society for the Empowerment of the Marginalized- (C-SEM)
Civil Society for the Empowerment of the Marginalized was initiated as pilot project at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Lourdnagara (Bangalore) through the intervention of KASOD. The aim of this programme is to reach service to all people of the society on various schemes availed from the government. As a matter of fact this service sometimes doesn’t reach to all people in society. In order to reach service to the people every parish must have 25 volunteers who acquire this service to the people. These volunteers will undergo short term training by skilled resource person, in order gain knowledge about the outcome of the programme.

CSEM will be secular wing in all parishes were the parish priest will be the mentor for all the activities. It focuses on the well being for empowerment in the sectors of health, education, Aadhaar card, old age pension, birth certificate, widow pension, job placement, counseling and faith formation. This programme will be implemented in all deaneries comprising the parishes and institutions. KASOD and BMSSS in collaboration with IDEA project will take the initiative in formulating this programme in all parts of the archdiocese. Parishes who are willing to implement this programme are most welcome to contact the
Director of BMSSS-080 2333 4926.
Charles. A. Steven

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