Leadership Trainning

Leadership Training was organized for the SHG members of Manos Unidas Project on 24th October, 2017. The Training was very useful and members participated very actively throughout the program. Mr. Inban was the resource person. The Training program was started with a group activity. The members were divided into smaller groups and were given a task to perform. Some had to write down the quality of a leader, some had to do the task of paper cutting and like vise. This activity made all the members to actively partake and learn the objective of the training. Later each group was called to share their role and to highlight the role of a leader. Every group had their creativity to express it in such a way where many appreciated it. At the end the resource person spoke on the role and importance of a leader and how SHG members can lead a group to attain the results. This was clearly brought out by the resource person. SHG members benefited a lot and expressed their positive opinion on the training.

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