Kolping National Director Visit to Kolping Twinning Project,BMSSS

Field visit at KGF on 11.5.217 & BMSSS office visit on 12.5.2017

Rev. Fr. Antonyraj, National Director, Kolping India, Chennai, Mr.Michael Partner support officer visited KGF on 11.5.2017. Mrs. Antoniamma,coordinator Mrs. Vanitha & Mrs. Arockiamary,Monitoring team members from Bmsss participated in the programme. The programme was started at 11.15 am at Our Lady of Victories Church. The newly formed SHG members around 206 from 15 groups were present.

(Women group-10 &Children group-5)

The visitors, Rev. Fr. Susairaj parish priest and a little child lighted the lamp. Then the groups & federation leaders introduced themselves individually.

Mr.P.Francis Inban, Kolping coordinator, Bmsss gave brief sharing of the Identification of the 3 areas, formation of the new groups from the vulnerable people of the Underground workers family, and the problem faced in the Banks for opening SHG accounts.

The Grace SHG members shared their experience of the problem faced and the success of SHG account opening. They have submitted their new pass book and the minute’s book to Fr.Antony raj

Then the new beneficiaries of Kolping sanitation project were introduced themselves and one of the member explained about the planning and construction of the individual toilet.

Rev. Fr. Antonyraj interacted with the group members regarding the topics as follows.
1. What is the need & benefit of forming SHGs
2. The need of Kolping federastion
3. Kolping IIGP, Sanitation and capacity building programs
4. Trainings on production of cement slabs available in Kolping India at Kancheevaram district.

Most of the members actively participated and shared their views related to the topics.
Then the program was ended with the vote of thanks.

After the lunch Rev.Fr.Antonyraj & the team visited the field of the identified areas
1. B-Block, championreefs, KGF
2. D-Block, championreefs, KGF

The visitors made a transact walk on the areas and found the present conditions of the houses, public toilets etc.
They visited the houses of the new beneficiaries of the sanitation project and verified the place of constructing individual toilets.They have completed the field visit in the 2 areas and started journey to BMSSS around 3.30pm.

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