Kolping Programme

• Capacity building programme
• Entrepreneurship Development Program
• Training on sanitation, women & child protection, RTI & Family values etc
• Network & linkages with Govt and other like-minded NGO’s
• Sanitation Awareness campaign
• Awareness programme on Health and Major Deceases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Dengue, Malaria, Chicken guinea etc.
• CIGP and IGP Training


BANGALORE URBAN & RURAL, K.G.F, KOLAR & TUMKUR DISTRICT Grama Panchayat scheme Swatch Bharath Scheme 05 ----------------
Cultural team( materials) 10 1,00,000
Construction of community hall 01 10,00,000
Kolping India – National office Construction of community hall Technical courses 15,000/- each (Rs. 5,000/- subsidy)
House construction 05 Rs. 50,000/-,each (Rs. 10,000/- subsidy)
Housing 5 2,50,000
Construction of Toilets 20 3,00,000
Vocational training project 9 1,55,000
Milch Animal project 10 1,75,000
CIGP 20 2,00,000
Karnataka Minorities
welfare board
Bidhai Scheme 01 Rs. 50,000,00/-
Agriculture department To prepare organic manure 04 15,000 (3,750/-each)
Bank - NABARD Self-Employment scheme 16 4,00,000/- (25,000/- each)

Other Activities

Kolping Day Celebration
On 27th of October BMSSS celebrated the 200 year’s of birth anniversary of BL. Adolf Kolping at BMSSS Palana Bavana. This programme was celebrated in our Archdiocese as a special day for the SHGs members because he was beautified on 27.10.1991.

Around 500 members from 66 Kolping groups participated in the celebration. The programme began with Holy Mass which was presided by Rev. Fr. Arockiasamy Parish priest Good Shepherd Church, Rev. Fr.Anthony Raj National Director Kolping India and followed by the other concelebrants Rev. Fr. Thomaiar, Fr. Arulappa, Fr. Terence and Fr. Allwyn Thanganathan Director of BMSSS.

After the holy mass lunch was served for all the participants followed by cultural programme. Fr. Antony Raj the National Director of Kolping India appreciated the efforts of BMSSS for the development work of the poor and Marginalized. Rev. Fr. Arulappa the chief gust addressed to follow the paths of BL. Adolpin Kolping to serve all people of society with unity for Christ . At the end all coordinators and monitoring team members of Kolping team were facilitated zeal and efforts.

Kolping Programme in the Archdiocese of Bangalore
Kolping India, founded by BL. Adolph Kolping, the nineteenth century German Churchman, is a service organization to promote spiritual and economic emancipation of the poor. The national office located in Chennai collaborates with the diocesan social work centers to promote the same in India. BMSSS has been collaborating over the past 11 years in implementing Kolping developmental goals in the archdiocese of Bangalore. Presently, Kolping programmes are spread in KGF, Tumkur, Bangalore rural, urban, Ramanagara, Chikkaballapura districts of Bangalore Archdiocese.

By these, we aim at eradicating poverty by encouraging the poor to organize themselves into small groups and create their own savings in a "participatory way" so that they could plan and take up profit oriented projects to become masters of their own destiny. In other words the project aims at tackling the twin problems of poverty and unemployment. Kolping India has been extending financial assistance to BMSSS for implementing its project for the benefit of the poor in all the 6 civil districts for their spiritual and economic emancipation. Unlike, other women’s groups, the Kolping women’s groups vary in many aspects. The key objectives of Kolping women’s groups are; to eradicate poverty by encouraging the poor to organize themselves into small groups, to create awareness about spiritual and economic progress, to inculcate the habit of thrift and small savings, to upgrade the skills of the poor and motivate them to take up income-generating activities.

Presently, there are 58 Kolping Sanghas consisting of 839 members with total saving of Rs.3140219/- and availed total bank loan of Rs.1130000/-. Similarly there are 7 federations consisting of 69 SHG representatives with total saving of Rs.4500/- under Kolping programme. The area wise SHG details are presented in the table below;

Area Total SHGs Total Members Total Saving Rs. Total bank loan Rs Total Federation Total Menbers Total Saving Rs.
Tumkur 16 227 394100/- 830000/- 02 35 4500/-
K.G.F 18 262 912640/- 100000 03 48 ---
Bangalore 24 355 1833279/- 200000/- 02 34 ---
TOTAL 56 807 3140219/- 1130000/- 07 109 4500/-

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