Entrepreneurship exposure visit to SHG members of KGF

BMSSS had organized Entrepreneurship exposure to SHG members from KGF on 03 October, 2017. They were taken to ODP and to the places where entrepreneurship activities are carried on by the SHG members formed by ODP.

One of the coordinator of ODP gave brief orientation in the beginning and explained in detail about the activities. Members were enriched with the presentation and clarified necessary doubts.

Later they were taken to KR Nagar 60 KM far from Mysore to meet the SHG groups who carry small business. Sangha members visited two units. First unit is artificial Jewellary making and the second unit is pappad making. These works are carried by the SHG members. The members shared the way they work, selling the products and the type of income they get. They also gave necessary suggestion to do this business in our area so that they may get good income. It was a learning experience and our members assured of doing the same thing with the cooperation of sangha members. The exposure visit was very meaningful and useful.

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