Training on Ecological Issues

Kolping India group of Bangalore urban conducted programme under Awareness training on Ecological Issues to village Development committees on 13th September 2020. In the village of Begur, Ignatius Church. Mr. Araluppa was the resource person. 20 participants gained the knowledge. The awareness training covered four points; they are Contaminated Water, Non-conventional farming, Unmanaged solid waste and Open Defection.

To pay attention to the issues and make efforts to put in practice.
To achieve change in the village

Contaminated Water:
The participants were enlightened with knowledge that how water is important, and one among the five basic elements of life. They were trained how to save rain water and prevent it from getting contaminated.

Non-conventional Farming:
It was very helpful to the people to know about this type of framing that uses modified methods of growing crops and rearing animals.

Unmanaged solid waste:
The resource quoted; “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” So the waste is something unwanted or unusable materials. They were given awareness on segregating the waste into wet and dry waste, through which they cooperate with the B.B.M.P to collect waste from their door steps and thus contribute in maintaining the clean atmosphere.

Open Defection:
The topic explained how Open defection can cause pollute the environment and cause health problems. And to take necessary efforts in promoting the use of toilet, by becoming aware of the available government schemes and thus create ‘Open defection free area’.

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