CBR Program in October, 2019

Reflection workshop was held on 15th to 17th October, 2019. CBR staffs and 40 PwDs from 4 Panchayats participated and gained knowledge from Mr. Srinivasan of CBR Foundation regarding planning and budget making for the coming two years. PwDs got solutions to their numerous problems after discussing them with Mr. Srininvasan. PwDs also got confidence in CBR program and expressed their preferences of CBR activities to be undertaken

CBR staffs attended review meeting on 7th and 24th October, 2019. They tentatively planned activities and budget for the next phase of CBR program. The staffs learned how to involve PwDs in planning and budget making for the next phase. The staffs decided to make UDID cards for all PwDs in the field.

CBR staffs along with the program Director discussed problems of PwDs in the field and got guidance from BMSSS director. The field work in villages enabled CBR staffs to make good rapport with members of PwDs and seek their cooperation for making plan & budget for CBR activities in the next phase.

Field visit was done by Mr. Guruprasad in 8 villages of 4 Panchayats gave the staffs knowledge about activities to be taken up for PwDs with different kinds of disabilities.


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