Awareness Programme on World suicide prevention day

World Suicide Prevention Day is an international awareness day observed on 10 September each year to provide a focus for commitment and action to prevent suicide. This year Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society hosted World Suicide Prevention Day on Monday, 16th September by way of awareness generation for the High school, PU and Degree students of St Aloysius P U College, Cox Town. For community organisations and individuals committed to preventing suicide, this annual awareness day was an opportunity to deepen their understanding about this social fact and to be equipped with necessary inputs in helping to prevent its occurrence. It was not about raising just awareness; it was also about raising hope! BMSSS empowered the students to change the way suicide is understood, spoken about and ultimately prevented.

The programme was commenced with an invocation song by the high school students followed by the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Naveen Kumar (Director, BMSSS), Fr, Arogya Swamy (Manager and Correspondent, St Aloysius P U College), Fr. Arun Santhosh (Director, Family And Children Counseling in the Arch Diocese of Bangalore), Dr. John Tharakan (CEO, BEIVY Education), Mrs. Agnes (Head Mistress, St Aloysius High School).

500 High school students, 50 PU students and 40 degree students excluding the teachers and the staff were present for the programme.
Fr. Naveen, the Director of BMSSS welcomed the guests and the participants.
The main objective of the programme was;
• To create awareness among the school children and youth about prevention of suicide.
• To motivate students to create awareness among family, friends, peer group members and the society on prevention of suicide.

The resource persons for the day were Fr. Arun Santhosh (Director, Family and Children Counseling in the Arch Diocese of Bangalore and Dr. John Tharakan (CEO, Beivy Education) Fr. Arun Kumar spoke about various reasons people commit suicide and the ways to overcome suicide tendencies. Dr. John Tharakan highlighted the importance of life and what the students can do to identify suicide tendencies and deal with it along with the myths and facts around suicide.

SAMALOCHANE project team members engaged the students with activities and a short video on suicide prevention.
In the end, Mrs. Jayanthi, High School teacher, offered a vote of thanks to all the invited guests, Resource persons and the participants for gracing the occasions by their solemn presence.


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