Awareness on Health and Environment

Awareness on Health and Environment was conducted at Our Lady of Victories Parish, KGF on 31.08.2019. The program was organized for the SHG members formed under Manos Unidas Project. Safety health practices and protection of mother earth was the topic much highlighted during the program. The Resource Person Dr. Parandhaman, Industrial Health Inspector of B.E.M.L Hospital explained about the topic. He elaborated on the importance of maintaining health like: Sound sleep in time, Balanced and Nutritious Diet, Exercises etc. He interacted with the participants about the deadly diseases affecting the people of KGF such as Typhoid, Dengue, Heart attack and Women based diseases. He also explained the way of prevention and the treatment for the patients.

He also spoke about the Environment protection. He said that, cleanliness of the surrounding does not mean environment protection; it also includes all the living beings of the world and the nature. The Environment spoiled by the human being should be saved by the same man kind in the present critical situation. He also interacted with the participants about their responsibility to save the Environment. Fr. Arockiaraj, Asst. Parish Priest, Our Lady of Victories Church, BMSSS staff and other voluntary organization were present for the program.

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