Sessions for Students and Teachers on Counselling

The Samalochane project team organized the online sessions to the students of St. Aloysius School Cox town and teachers of ABE schools. The topic of the session to the student included; Power of positive thinking, Emotional Management, Emotional Maturity and Depression, Motivation for a bright future, Stress management and Building up friendships. Sr. Judy Lewis UFS was the resource person for the students. The module of the session included lecture method, PowerPoint presentation and interactive method. A total of 90 students benefited from 10 sessions.

Some of the important point that students benefited from the sessions are:

● Importance of positive thinking - Positive thoughts are good food to the mental health
● Self-encouragement,
● Self-respect - to be aware of their emotions and to respond it and not to react it
● Decoding of emotions
● Symptoms of getting into depression
● Psychological therapy to come out from low self-esteem
● Success is all about believing in oneself
● Courage to face the failure and loss
● Symptoms of stress
● Identify the stress sources & recognize stress signals
● Practice relaxation techniques
● meditation and Yoga for stress management
● Healthy friendship and Guidelines for friendship

Fr. Arun Santhosh and Ms. Leah were the resource persons for the teachers who trained them with basic counselling skills, such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Specific Phobia.

The output of the sessions:
Teachers got trained in SFBT therapy. They responded to practicing the techniques of this therapy and are able to focus on a person's present, future circumstances and goals. They were confident in basic counselling steps. Discussions in the group helped the teacher’s perspective towards the students and also were encouraged to be aware of at-risk groups in their classroom and school setting and give adequate care for them. Through the discussion on treatment methods the teachers came to know that there’s a hope to come out from phobias through various techniques and medications.

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