Counselling Sessions for Students

Samalochane Team conducted sessions for 8th, 9th and 10th students from 10th to 17th February, 2021 at St. James School Marianna Palya. Mrs Charlet was the resource person who covered some of the important topics like; Self-Awareness, Adolescent 5-Dimensional changes, Emotional management, assertive skills, Boundary setting for self-protection stress, Depression Management and Menstrual Hygiene etc. She engaged the students with group activities, PPT and video presentations, indoor and outdoor games, and gave various example to illustrate the topics.

Output of the session

● The entire sessions helped the students to value their body as precious.
● We need to think positively and do good in a positive way.
● Know what you feel, know what others feel, find out causes for these feelings, Know the effects of our feeling on others.
● Relaxation, Meditation, Exercise, self-confidence and realistic self-esteem, Control of stress and Time management are helpful action for our healthy life.

There were about 174 students who benefited from these sessions. Teachers and principal were so much encouraging in helping us to conduct these classes.

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