Cancer Campaign Program at BMSSS

Cancer Campaign program was organized on 10th December 2020 in BMSSS conference hall. SHG members from Bangalore, KGF and Devanahalli who volunteered for the cancer campaign activities were present for the program. The program began with prayer song by the BMSSS staff. Mr. Francis Inban the coordinator of Kolping project welcomed Fr. Naveen Joseph the Director of BMSSS and the gathering.

Fr. Naveen Joseph the director of BMSSS in his introductory speech mentioned the objectives of cancer awareness program, CSR Schemes and Bank loans.

Mr. Abdul the coordinator gave awareness on cancer disease, the different types of cancer, the causes and prevention of cancer disease, homemade medicines for cancer, kitchen gardening and explained about cancer campaign activities and especially regarding the importance of one rupee coin box collection.

The staff members of Guardian Bank were present for the program and explained about the loan facilities available from the bank.

Towards the end of the program inauguration of the one-rupee coin box was done by the Fr. Naveen Joseph the Director of BMSSS along with staff of BMSSS and distributed the coin box to the volunteers and collected donation from the participants and the staff. The feedback of the program given by two participants; that the program was very useful and informative and they were ready to spread the awareness through SHGs and in Parishes. The program concluded thanking the entire organizing team by the Mrs. Amely the team member.

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